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BAltimore (BBR) -  Who doesn't want to enjoy freedom - free from pain, free from bondage, free from depressing thoughts and free to have spiritual pleasure in the things of God? “It’s Time To Loose The Shackles” is a literary work that will lead you on a path to divine freedom. A path that can be tread upon through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who came that all humanity would experience freedom and abundant life. A life full of peace. A life connected to Jesus. A glorious relationship where you can experience His grace and mercy that's always available to you; once you completely and unequivocally surrender "you"; and say "yes" to His will for your life.It’s yours! To receive this wonderful spiritual freedom; one must be willing to change their mind and their ways. The born again experience requires repentance, baptism and seeking the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Step into your new kingdom life and let God work on you as He “Looses the Shackles” in your life.


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