Troy Staton is the founder, director, and CEO of More Than A Shop

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(BBR) Troy Staton is the founder, director, and CEO of More Than A Shop, a nonprofit organization that works to promote economic development and entrepreneurship in underserved communities. Troy's passion for community development and social impact has driven him to create innovative programs and initiatives that provide resources and support to individuals and businesses in need. More Than A Shop is a unique organization that operates on a model of collective entrepreneurship, bringing together individuals and businesses to work collaboratively and create shared economic opportunities. The organization provides a range of services, including business training, financial coaching, and access to capital.


More Than A Shop has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses to start and grow, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Troy's vision for More Than A Shop was inspired by his own experiences growing up in an underserved community. He recognized the barriers that many individuals face when trying to start a business or access capital, and he was determined to create a solution that could help bridge that gap. One of the most successful programs at More Than A Shop is their "Shop in a Box" initiative.

 This program provides individuals with all of the tools and resources they need to start their own business, including a physical storefront, inventory, and marketing support. The program has been incredibly successful, helping many individuals to achieve their dream of owning their own business and creating economic opportunities in their communities. Troy's work has not gone unnoticed.


He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his leadership and innovation, including the "40 Under 40" award from the Baltimore Business Journal and the "Social Innovator of the Year" award from The Daily Record. Troy's dedication to creating economic opportunities and promoting entrepreneurship in underserved communities has made a significant impact on many individuals and businesses. His work at More Than A Shop serves as an inspiration to others who are passionate about creating positive change and making a difference in their communities.