Dr. Eric Kelly III is an influential African-American businessman

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(BBR)  Black Business Olympics

 Global Network - broadcasted to Over 200 Countries       

18 Different Social Media Platforms     

7 Days

 The Black Business Olympics is one of the largest business showcases in the history of Black Business in the world. Our focus is on targeted learning, networking, building valuable new business relationships, and resourcing top corporations helping Business Owners and entrepreneurs take strategic action to improve their businesses immediately.


Our mission is to give scholarships and laptops to students graduating from high school and heading to college or entrepreneurship.


TWe showcase Black Business on a global platform, to help leverage your brand virtually during the Black Business Expo USA / Olympics broadcasts.


Each day of the broadcast is themed as follows:

  • Monday - Business Empowerment, Education, and Inspiration;
  • Tuesday - Branding & Advertising, PR, Merchandising, Marketing;
  • Wednesday -  64 Ways For Social Media/Technology/Metaverse
  • Thursday - Women Empowerment, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality;
  • Friday - Gen X vs Gen Z, Bridging the Generational Divide;
  • Saturday - Black Business & The Culture;
  • Sunday - The Future State of Black Business


"What You Are Looking For Is Looking For You.

                                                                     Dr. Eric Kelly III


The Godfather of Black Business Expos


Dr. Eric Kelly III is an influential African-American businessman, artist, humanitarian,

author, and innovator who is considered the Godfather of Black Business Expos. Some

of his accomplishments included serving as the director of the Eric Kelly lll, museum,

which is one of the few museums named after a black artist in the world. The museum

was created by his great-grandfather, Henry Stancil in 1962 and is still functioning as a

place for collectors only to buy his artwork today. He is a retired CEO of Kelly

Worldwide branding and marketing agency. Dr. Kelly received an honorary Doctorate of

Humanitarianism from The Global International Alliance. Dr. Kelly's notable awards include

MED week’s Minority Business Advocate of the year, The Durham Links Artist of the

Year Award, UDI-CDC Entrepreneur Award, the Presidential Lifetime Achievement

award from Joe Biden, the inaugural Juneteenth Hall of Fame Award from

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. However, all of these awards pale in

comparison to his life’s goal of impacting the business world through economic justice.

At the core of his approach to connecting black business lies the idea that to succeed

black businesses need to put their vision first and the well-being of their people, rather than

just the bottom line. By implementing Kelly’s people-service-centered theory, black

business owners and managers can build a sustainable and nourishing work

environment that benefits their company’s long-term growth. Using his extensive

experience as an advertising innovator and serving over forty years impacting more

than ten thousand-business owners are a testament to his genius.



Dr. Kelly led the largest black business expo in North Carolina for thirty-five years, when

Covid 19 happened he founded the Black Business Olympics. The goal of the black

business Olympics is to raise scholarships and funds for students who are graduating

from high school and going to college. In addition, after three years of presenting the broadcast, it has become one of the largest black business virtual global events in the world.


The Black Business Olympics has showcased over twenty-two hundred businesses globally

in the last three years. His creation of the Black Business Olympics is a tribute to his

continual service to black businesses while connecting black people around the world.

The Black Business Network is a 24-hour business network highlighting black

businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders worldwide.

The Black Business network highlights speakers from London, Australia, Singapore,

Africa, Japan, South America, and cities all over the United States.


The Black Business Network is a global community sharing its business knowledge to empower, inspire, and educate businesses about business. The Black Business Olympics has had over

10 million viewers in over 200 countries view their broadcast. The Black Business

Olympics is broadcast on HULU, Amazon Prime, RUKU, Amazon Music, YouTube,

LinkedIn, Spotify, Facebook, and serval independent streaming services globally. The

Black Business Olympics has speaker spots available; you may contact them at

www.blackbusinessexpousa.com or call 919-308-9090.


"What You Are Looking for Is Looking for You” Dr. Eric Kelly III.